May we have the purity to only complain to him :) #elhamdulelaj
Germany’s resolution inshaa allah :) #signs_on_time
In him i TRUST
Top of the things i have larned through my work . #elhamduellah ia never ever ebough #الرزاق
وهو معکم اینما کنتم :’)
انىلاجد ريح يوسف :))
Signs_on_time :)
الحمد لله
العدل :)
May we have the enough wisdom to understand this :)
جزمتى اتقطعت النهاردة و انا فى العزبة و الولاد ماكانوش عاوزين يسيبونى من غير ما يصلحوها 
اقول ايه انا دلوقتى ؟
And then we think as an architects that we are going to change their lives but actually they are the ones who change us inside out 

Top of the things I am going to miss about egypt are those #smiles from the #heart.
Subhan allah. #Ezbet #project

ان ربك لذو فضل على الناس و لاكن اكثر الناس لا يشكرون
ما لكم من دونه من ولى ولا شفيع ….. أفلا تتذكرون
الحمد لله على ايه ولا ايه :))